eInvestment   Client - Lord Securities Corporation New York, NY 10005
ePropertyManagement   Client - Carpenter & Company Cambridge, MA 02138
eBrochure   Client - Economic Group Pension Services, Inc. New York, NY
What is a Virtual Presence™? A Virtual Presence™ is an electronic presentation that promotes your business on your client’s desktop!

A Virtual Presence™ can be one of any of the following:
  •   eBrochure
  •   eResume
  •   eLawyer
  •   eRestaurant
  •   eDoctor
  •   eCar
  •   eAccountant
  •   eProject
  •   eProperty
  •   eStatement
  •   or any other “e” we can customize for you!
A Virtual Presence™ can make your firm look like a Fortune 100 company for an unbelievably low price! Nearly 1/20 the price of a printed brochure, free to send to clients and morely widely accepted. You can email your firm’s Virtual Presence™, place it on your website or we can create CDs for distribution to your clients.
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