The following outlines Leading Edge Consulting's customer service and quality assurance policies. It is the creed of this firm and is to be followed at all times by every member of our team.
  1. The customer is the most important person in this office.
  2. The customer will receive nothing less than the highest level of honesty, quality, value, efficiency, security and integrity.
  3. Always think of what you can give to the customer.
  4. The customer is never dependent upon us, we are dependent on him.
  5. The customer is not an interruption of our work, he is the sole purpose of it.
  6. Ask questions of the customer, then listen carefully to the answers.
  7. Treat all assignments not as single events, but as starts or continuations of close and lasting relationships.
  8. Our growth depends solely on the growth of our customers.
  9. Nurture a human bond as well as a business bond with all of our customers.
  10. Recognize that customers have needs and expectations.
2003 Leading Edge Consulting, Inc.