We will provide a free audit* of your current Phone Plan! The process is simple and requires little of your time:

1. We will analyze your Phone Bill.
2. We will look for billing errors directly from the phone records and through an onsite visit
3. A claim will be submitted to your phone company for any errors found.
4. The phone company will send a representative to your site to verify the claim. We will usually accompany this visit.
5. If the phone company is satisfied that services were over-billed, they will issue a refund check (up to 6 years with compounded interest)!
6. This check will be send to Leading Edge with your firm as the payee.
7. Leading Edge will contact your firm and will issue your payment once we receive our fee of 50% of the refunded amount. Leading Edge will also receive 25% of all future phone savings.
8. If there is no savings, Leading Edge will not charge your firm a fee.
THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RISK! Single dial tone lines billed for but not provided could and often get a refund of $900.

* Leading Edge needs to obtain a letter of agency from your firm allowing us to deal with your phone company on your behalf (along with a contract for our payment, and a list of billing numbers). Leading Edge will only request billing records from your phone company and nothing else. The process can take 3 to 6 months depending on how backed up the phone company is. Thus, Leading Edge is not responsible for payment delays. A firm is only eligible for a free audit as follows:

a. The company must have 10 or more 'regular dial tone' lines or with one or more special circuits
b. For anything outside the 'Greater New York City area' which would include parts of Southwest CT and Northeast NJ, the Lower and Mid Hudson Valley and Capital Region, Leading Edge would have to deduct expenses for travel in addition to the 50% fee.

Please email us today to schedule your a free phone audit at

Please download the Letter of Agency and our Contract. Sign and mail these documents to: Leading Edge Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 580 Syosset, NY 11791
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